According to the World Energy Council and ADEME [Agence De L’environnement ET De La Maîtrise De L‘énergie] (Diana Ürge-Vosatz y col., 2007), the ESCO-type contract model appeared in Europe over 100 years ago. In the United States came into use during the 1970s, following the oil crisis which caused energy prices suffered significant increases. One of its main applications were in municipal and state governments who sought an innovative way to finance themselves in order to develop infrastructure projects that subsequently were applied to the energy savings.

In Mexico, ESCOs have approximately 10 to 12 years of experience. Nowadays, we have proven experience on industrial and commercial sectors, and somehow in semi-public companies. The FIDE, body under the Electricity Federal Commission, began a funding program during the first half of 2000.

Currently, AMESCO recognizes in the market about 25 ESCOs counting with structure and capacity of execution to implement projects under performance-contract modality.