AMESCO, is a Civil Association grouping ESCO companies in Mexico. Founded in 2011 with 10 members participating in this Mexican sector since more than 25 years.

An Energy Service Company (ESCO, for its acronym in English) is a “company that provides improved energy efficiency services in the customer’s facilities, and accepts some financial risk by doing so. Payment for delivered services will be based (in part or fully) in improving energy efficiency and compliance of other performance requirements needed” (1).


To integrate ESCOs of the country in order to spread the energy efficiency, professionalize their partners, and resolve existent barriers that impede ESCO scheme to be adopted as a daily mechanism.


To be a recognized association – nationally and internationally – that groups and represents key players in energy efficiency always in benefit of their members, customers, and of the environment.


  • To group and represent Mexican ESCOs to defend the guild interests
  • To spread and promote energy efficiency and the ESCO model specifically.
  • Professionalizing the members of the association in their task of identifying and financing energy saving through training and certification. In this sense, seeking to be the certifying body.
  • Collaboration in negotiating with financial institutions to obtain access of capital destined for ESCO projects and in competitive conditions.
  • To share best practices with other national and international energy-linked associations.