AMESCO’s Board of Directors is currently composed of:

Santiago Barcón, B. Eng. (President): Electric Engineer by UIA (Universidad Iberoamericana, for its acronym in Spanish), and Management Master Degree by ITESM (Technological Institute of Monterrey Higher Studies, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, for its acronym in Spanish), Founder of INELAP (company created by a group of Mexican Electrical Engineers and Entrepreneurs of Power Quality) and Quality General Director of Energy in ARTECHE group. Co-author of the ‘Energy Quality’ book and Energía Hoy (Energy Today) columnist.

Manuel de Diego, B. Eng. (Vice-president):

Alfonso Navarro Diez, B. Eng. (Secretary):

Alejandro Morales, B. Eng. (Vocal): Industrial Mechanic Engineer by the UVM University (Universidad del Valle de México, for its acronym in Spanish), Management Master Degree by ITESM, General Director of Engineering of High Technology and Energy Systems Projects in Automation.

Raúl G. Ortega, B. Eng. (Treasurer): Chemical Engineer by Iberoamericana University, Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Energetic Policy by the London Imperial College. Founder of Grupo Enersave and with 14 year-experience in energetic efficiency.